A Simulation Game for Eco-Effective Design


SimplyCycle is designed as teaching material for an eco-effective design philosophy. It is used with a trained moderator. Licence is given from SinnenWandel non-exclusive to teachers, schools, universities and also educators from the profit sector.

You can easily apply for a licence of Simplycycle - all is needed is some experience with eco-effective design.

You can also get yourself trained as moderator.

You can order a licence of the simulation game Simplycycle very easy with the order formula. Please print it, sign it and send it to sonja.eser@sinnen-wandel.de. You will then receive a letter with the licence agreement and further information.


One  complete Game Set consists of:

one game board, one set of cards, one playing piece, compass, manual, CD with PPT presentaion for short introduction and debrief.

One game set for 3-6 people. If you have larger groups, you make more game tables. For that purpose order a number of Extension Sets (same as Game Set without manual and CD).

Languages available: German, English, Dutch